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Almuñécar Castle, Aqueducts, & Fish-Salting Factory

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Castillo de San Miguel: Our local Almuñécar castle.

Almuñécar is one of the oldest towns in Europe, dating back to the Phoenicians around 800 BC. The castle has foundations from the Phoenician era, and was altered and added to by the Muslims and Christians in different eras. We can see the castle from our front window! The Majuelo fish salting factory dates back to the Phoenicians in 400 BC, and was used extensively by the Romans until the 4th Century AD. The salted fish and a fish sauce called "Garum" were much prized trading commodities. The 5 local Roman aqueducts are from the 1st Century AD, and were built to bring water to the fish factory. All 5 remain standing, and 4 are still in use for irrigation (the ground-level ones, not pictured).

Click this link for more photos of the Castle, Aqueducts and Fish Factory. For photo description and details, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the photo. If using a computer rather than your cell phone, click the "info" icon.

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